naltrexone implant


Implant consists of naltrexone, substance which is  the opposite of heroin(antagonist)and it doesn’t  allow the patient to feel the effect of narcotics. Apart from naltrexone, the implant consists of substances responsible to control continuous release of naltrexone and to prevent rejection…

Duration of the treatment

Optimal duration of Naltrexone treatment is twelve months. If addiction lasts less than a year, a six month implant might be enough but we advice our patient to stay with a treatment for a year, whether he chooses a three month implant that is renewed four times or receives a twelve month implant at once.

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Naltrexone blocks heroin, and other opioids from attaching to the µ-opioid receptor, which is the way they cause their pleasurable effects. Naltrexon blocks opioid receptors. That is why it is used in the management of opioid dependence—it reversibly bars or attenuates the effects of opioids.

A person has to have a healthy liver (no cirrhosis or hepatitis) and has to be clean from opioids for at least a week to ten days. An opioid test must be conducted, and if it is negative, a Naloxon (short acting agonist) is administered while patient is monitored for signs of withdrawal for less than thirty minutes.

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Simply said, Naltrexone is not used to get the person of the drugs or alcohol. It is used to help him stay clean or sober once the withdrawal phase of the treatment is over. Prior to Naltrexone treatment, a patient has to go through a detox process, and Naltrexone treatment will follow immediately after that.

Naltrexone VS suboxon VS subutex

Both Subutex and Suboxon contain buprenorphine hydrochloride which reduces the symptoms of opiate addiction, but because Subutex contains only buprenorphine hcl which can be abused, Naloxone is added to it to protect from misuse and accidental (or intentional) overdoses thus forming Suboxon.

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Implant is a modern form of medicine which can be present in patient’s body for a long time and continuously provide the effect against narcotics.

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As a very important thing, we organize the healing process when detoxification is painless, when the patient does not suffer from the pain, when he sleeps well and has a good appetite. In the third phase of treatment is implamantation of the implant. A blockagge that does not allow the patient the possibility to return to drugs at all so patient is not interested in drugs anymore.

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