What form of naltrexone is the best for me ?

Controled clinical trials showed that naltrexon implant is superior to oral one in treating heroin addiction. Patients tend to forget to take the prescribed dose of oral Naltrexon at instructed time, or even miss the dose on purpose to be able to use the substance again. In one Russian trial as well as some others, more than 80 percent of patients taking the daily Naltrexone pill relapsed within 6 months. Implant does not allow this kind of abuse. That is why we insist on using Naltrexone implant (pellet form) because IT IS the most effective. It is placed under patient’s skin and is slowly released into the body, creating a steady dose of Naltrexone in the blood. This enables the patient to stay with the treatment even at “hard times”. Naltrexone implant is the best pharmacological anti relapse mechanism.