Diffeernces between Naltrexone and Naloxon
Naloxon is a drug used for emergency overdose treatment. It is a pure opiod agonist, and unlike Naltrexon (opioid RECEPTOR agonist) with which it is usually confused, it’s use is limited to countering effects of overdose with opiates (heroin, morphine, tramadol, oxy etc). Therefore, Naloxone is not used to treat addiction to opioids like Naltrexone is because it does not block opioid receptors in a long-term like Naltrexone does.
Naloxone appears on the market under various commercial names: Narcan, Nalone, Evzio and Narcanti. In all medical facilities where opioids are administered as pain relievers, Naloxone is an obligatory “antidote” for fighting accidental overdoses. In emergency medical facilities, or even emergency services on the field, Naloxone is kept at hand to save lives of addicts with heroin overdose.
Naloxone, along with buprenophrine, is also a part of a drug called Suboxone used for treating addiction.